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Stella, Noah & Ethan

Just at the beginning of the summer, I got to photograph three very sweet teenagers. Stella and Ethan are twins, and were just turning 13, so the pictures were to celebrate this milestone, and big brother, Noah, joined in for a few pictures as well. Happy 13th, guys! I hope you’ve had an unforgettable summer. 2015-08-04_00322015-08-04_00332015-08-04_00342015-08-04_00352015-08-04_00362015-08-04_00372015-08-04_00402015-08-04_00412015-08-04_00422015-08-04_00442015-08-04_00452015-08-04_00432015-08-04_00462015-08-04_00472015-08-04_00492015-08-04_0050