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WHAT TIME OF THE DAY DO YOU SCHEDULE YOUR SESSIONS? All my sessions are scheduled 2 hours before sunset when the light is the most flattering.

HOW LONG DOES A SESSION LAST? Each session will last around 90 minutes.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Upon booking your session, you will receive an outfit guide that will take you through everything from the colors, textures and accessories I recommend to the stores where you can likely find them. You should choose two outfits for your session.

WHERE DO WE TAKE THE PHOTOS? I have several locations that I go to, and I will email you a location guide when you book your session.

SHOULD I HAVE MY HAIR AND MAKE UP DONE? Yes! For seniors, couples and maternity in particular, I do encourage you to have your hair and makeup done, – it makes a big difference! I will email you the details of my recommended stylists.

DO YOU PHOTOSHOP YOUR IMAGES? I do basic editing to all the photos, nothing crazy. I want you to look your best, but I also want you to look like you.

WHEN WILL MY PHOTOS BE READY? Your photos will be ready for viewing in your private gallery within 3 weeks.

WILL I GET THE COPYRIGHT TO THE IMAGES? When you purchase digital images, you will receive a print release. This means that you may reproduce the images for personal use and use them on social media sites (crediting Silje Glefjell Photography). All images are protected by US copyright law, however, and the copyright remains mine.